About Me

Thanks for stumbling across my website. I hope you’re well, how’s your mum doing?

Here’s a quick guide to the website. It’s basically a place where I can show off my work.

Features. Examples of my feature writing can be found under this tab. I’m particularly interested in LGBTQ+ issues, arts and culture. I’m always looking to improve my feature writing and if you had any thoughts, please feel free to let me know.

News. Examples of my news writing can be found under this tab.

Film and Photography. Multimedia elements feature heavily in my work and I’m always experimenting with telling stories in interesting ways.

Podcasting and Audio. I’ve developed and hosted two podcasts; LifePod for Forge Press and Strange Ways; a podcast I recorded with Liam Hulmes which celebrated all things weird and wonderful. Under this tab, you will find other examples of my audio work.

Creative Writing. Creative writing helps me explore ideas and feelings I’m unable to describe accurately in my journalistic writing.

I hope you find something which sparks your interest.

Find links to my networks below: